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Disparaging statistics and percentages of the University of Washington.

‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ and not just when we are discussing Police Brutality but also of the potential to improve ourselves and our communities, to participate equally in the “benefits” this nation presents to others.

They may claim that “Reverse Racism” is something that actually exists, and that “Affirmative Action” is evidence of this, but what underlies those arguments is not only ignorance, but an unwillingness to face the fact that the crumbs our people have had to make due with, even with Affirmative Action, does not make a dent in the privilege others have, experience, or benefit from.


Fight for Equity not just Equality;

there is a difference:


If the University is Public, then it should both represent the Public and provide for the benefit of the Public; not just a portion of the Public, but the whole Public. 

Let’s see to it that our Universities

Provide an Equity of Access to higher education,

Which will undoubtedly lead to a more

Diverse, Representative and Full Community

That is prepared to engage

The plurality of issues

Our society is confronting.